Sadiq Saif


My creative endeavours mostly take the form of writing, including a number of blogs.


My primary blog is Asinine Tech, over there I write mostly about technology related topics and anything that doesn’t quite fit on my other more specialized blogs.

One of my interests is Overwatch esports and specifically Overwatch League, I write my thoughts about that over on Ultonomy which is my blog specifically for that topic.

Another one of my interests is music, I occasionally write about the various kinds of music I’ve been listening to over on Irreverent Space, my music blog.

Last but not least, I very rarely write poetry over on my poetry blog.


I do a podcast with my good friend chosafine. We talk about technology, video games and other topics on a bi-weekly basis. Our podcast is called Shades of Brown and you can subscribe to it on any podcast client of your choice.